The Erasmus+ project MOBILE aims to support and train teachers and teacher trainers in the use of innovative learning spaces (ILE). From different scientific perspectives, the importance of space as a 3rd educator for practice in schools and teacher training is combined with modern teaching methods. The awareness of spatial potentials in traditional and innovative learning spaces is sharpened in order to develop various practical tools that have so far been missing throughout Europe:

Pedagogical Post
Occupancy Evalution
Teacher trainingIndex of Innovative
Learning Environments
A pedagogically sound guide for the pedagogical-spatial evaluation of ILE is being developed as a guide for teachers in 4 languages (PPOE)Training courses for teacher training centers provide further training on the professional use of the new school building types (train-the-trainer)With the „Index of Innovative Learning Environments“ an efficient, self-taught and self-reflective process with materials is developed that supports teaching teams in independently improving the spatial use of their learning environments (Index of ILE)

The aim is to support and specifically expand the spatial and didactic skills of the teachers.


Six institutions from three countries are working together in the MOBILE project. Each of the six partners has a different expertise with regard to the use and development of innovative learning environments.